SI Productive Innovation Project


  • Project No. 027516

    Operation Code: CENTRO-02-0853-FEDER-027516

    SI Productive innovation

    Eligible investment: 1.936.997,50€
    Refundable Investment: 1.162.198,50€
    Period of time for execution: 2017-04-24 | 2019-04-20
    Funds: ERDF

    Investiment: 22,26%

    Implemented: 77,74%

    The beneficiary was formed on January 4th, 2017 and its object is the following: providing prototyping services, various machining operations and bench work services, and manufacturing parts for the mould industry.

    Trade, import, and export, and repair of moulds. Consultancy in the areas mentioned above. The provision of engineering services. These areas are: prototyping, which foresees the manufacture of moulding with rapid parts, which are delivered to the client within 48 hours, hence allowing for the manufacture of small series in a short amount of time and by saving 35% in comparison to steel production (which takes weeks/months to be delivered). The second area, which is manufacture and bench work, foresees the acquisition of innovations for the sector, since VENAMOLDES will be manufacturing by means of graphite electro-erosion. This material is still rarely used but it has interesting particularities in terms of flexibility, being more ecological and less expensive than the alternative, which is copper.